Canaries Film Certificate

To obtain the Canaries Film Certificate, the company must be registered in the Registry of Canary Islands Film Companies. The production must be Spanish and it must also meet the following requirements:

  • The first unit must film a minimum of 11 effective days in the Canaries, either in interior or exterior locations, except for:
    • Animation: 10%-15% of production time in the Canaries.
    • Documentaries: no minimum time.
    • Short Films: 50% of the shoot must take place in the Canaries.
    • TV Series: 20% of the season must be shot in the Canaries.
  • Hire local crew (minimum one head of department, or a leading and/or supporting actor with tax residence in the Canary Islands) Co-productions will be regarded Canaries productions provided that the Canaries producer takes care of more than 20% of the cost of production.
  • In the case of financial coproduction, the contribution of the Canaries producer must not be below 10% or above 25% of the cost of production.
  • The application is made by the production office based in the Canary Islands which must be registered in the Canary Islands Film Companies Registry.