Gran Canaria has 236 km of incredibly varied coastal landscapes: beautiful long, golden beaches in the south-east as well as bordering the city of Las Palmas, black sand and boulders in the north, leading on to areas with great cliffs and narrow but charming beaches below them and rocky zones in the north and west.

The procedure to request a filming permit involves submitting the permit application to the Coastal Peripheral Service, together with two paper and one electronic copies of the basic project, supporting documentation of the personality of the applicant and of the person appearing, on behalf of whom the latter is acting and documentary evidence that the applicant does not fall under any of the contractual prohibitions set out.

This permit needs to be requested at least TWO MONTHS before activities are to commence, since the file is complemented by other reports issued by different departments of the autonomous and local governments who are given a month to enter their respective reports. When the documents have been examined and permits granted, a State imposed fee has to be paid for the occupation of maritime-terrestrial public domain.

Documents are to be presented at the following address:

Demarcación de Costas
Explanada Tomás Quevedo s/n
Ed. Autoridad Portuaria, 4
35008 – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

For further information:
phone: (+34) 928 465 452