Airport of Gran Canaria

The cinematographic filming and recording, as well as photographic and advertising reportages in facilities belonging to the Airport of Gran Canaria require the corresponding authorisation from the Airport Management. For this reason one must apply for permission a minimum of 15 beforehand, by means of the generic application form and sending it by fax or electronic mail. For any questions concerning these permissions one:

Airport of Gran Canaria
Telephone: (+34) 928 579 005
Fax: (+34) 928 579 117

In the case that the recording, filming or reportage be especially complicated by the number of days filming, locations required or personnel and logistics necessary, the petition must be made well in advance, in such a way as to be able to establish co-ordination meetings with the airport.

With the object of not interfering with the normal functioning of the airport, the days recommended for carrying out recordings are Tuesdays and Thursdays, since the influx of air traffic is less.

In the petition one must detail the type of recording, filming or reportage to take place, objective of such recording, dates and times in which they will be carried out, number of people involved, provision of personal information such as National Identity Document or Passport Number (to the effects of facilitating the corresponding passes), zones where recordings be executed and models and number-plates of the vehicles concerned.

The tariffs for filming at the airport can be consulted on the following document or on the website