Entrance of audiovisual material to the Canary Islands.

All the material introduced to the Canarian archipelago in order to carry out cinematographic shootings, video recordings, etc, must be accompanied by an ATA carnet. This is a necessary document for temporary imports that allows the transfer of work equipment in an easy and less costly way.

The Chamber of Commerce of the country of origin issues the ATA carnet. The production company that needs to export its material must present a list of all merchandise that is going to be transferred and its approximate value. The Chamber of Commerce then demands the deposit of a fee on a percentage of the declared value of the merchandise, which can be paid in cash or by means of a bank guarantee.

The ATA carnet is issued with a years validity and must be rubber stamped on entry and exit at the corresponding customs office. If this is not done, the Chamber of Commerce will not return the deposited fee.

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