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Date ( 7th-9th May 2018)

 Cartoon Business is a 2 day top-level seminar focusing on the new generation models of financing and revenues brought about by the changes in production and distribution markets. Around 17 to 20 speakers from the professional world come and present one specific subject: a case study, a survey, their know-how in a particular field. The general aim is to explore ways to diversify sources of financing and increase revenues for animated TV series, through the review of available public and private fundings at European level, through the exploration of new business models, licensing and merchandising potential, legal issues linked to co-production contracts, and generally speaking a wide range of topics to help animation professionals manage their budget and improve the exploitation of their series.

With an average of 100 participants (business leaders, investors, producers from small and big children’s content companies, broadcasters, financing experts and “new” animation partners such as toy companies or book publishers) share their experience to help incorporate new revenue streams and develop new business models. It also includes several informal networking sessions: Dinners, cocktails, and outdoors cultural

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The 12th Summit of animation, visual effects and video games arrived in Gran Canaria from May 2 to 6, with international invited guests, official section of films to contest, screenings, master classes, presentations, virtual reality spaces and video games, Game jam sessions, forum of investment and financing, competitions, contests, scholarships, concerts and outdoor activities. 

Animayo Gran Canaria was a tribute to women, being the first festival in the world that dedicates all its programming entirely to the figure of women in the animation industry, video games and visual effects. This program aimed to honor the great female talents of the industry and to express the interest of their work, an increasingly increasing opportunity to promote reflection on the necessary evolution of the representation of women during the festival. It highlighted the special artistic sensitivity of women, their professionalism, their way of understanding the cinema, their values and their creative talent. 

In addition, Animayo GC 2017 completed its programming with an exhibition of Charlotte Reiniger, and workshops for adults and children, among which were: workshop for stunts; 3D texturing and painting workshop with Mari software from The Foundry; Zbrush workshops for beginners; Stop-motion workshop for children and adults; 3D printing and modeling workshop, robotic workshop for parents and children, Game Jam sessions, Cibernanny workshop for parents and teens and a muppets workshop to make your own Oddsoackeaters. 

This year Animayo had chosen the poster with the title “strategy and courage”; A work that shows an alternative end of the story of Little Red Riding Hood, in which this one, without depending on a woodcutter, which represents the “unavoidable help” of the man, nor fear the wolf, which symbolizes the obstacles, manages to elaborate creatively and strategically a new shortcut to reach her grandmother’s house. 

Animayo is aware that the talent within our borders competes today with the talent in the most leading countries in these aspects of the audiovisual and its goal is to discover them and give opportunity to deploy their abilities and their skills. And it is not only the Spanish productions of feature films that open an international niche for its quality. It is the Spaniards who work inside and outside our borders for international productions as well as cinematics, advertising, video game companies, and big film producers.