Permission for Roads

The shooting, filming and recording on roads requires the authorization of the competent authorities, which could be the municipal police when the road stretch is located on municipal ground, or else the Economic Development, Public Works, Infrastructures and Transport Regional Office of the Council of Gran Canaria, in the case of regional roads.

In the latter case, the corresponding application for authorisation must be presented a minimum of 20 days prior to the date of the execution of the activity, accompanied by the following documentation, at the previously mentioned Regional Office:

Servicio de Obras Contiguas
Paseo de Tomás Morales 3, 3º y 4º
35003 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
For queries you can call:
Telephone: (+34) 928 219 300
Fax: (+34) 928 219 310

Administrative and Technical Documentation to present:

  1. Enclosed Application.
  2. Supporting documentation of the identity of the applicant. In the case of corporations, verification will be by means of a simple copy of the letter of consent.
  3. Descriptive report of the project, which must contain:
    • Provision of information, documents or past records (in case of existing) which relate to the project.
    • Description of the characteristics of the activity to carry out, enumerating the personal and material elements that participate in the shooting, filming or photographic reportage:
      • Dates
      • Number of days foreseen
      • Types of day (working, festive, both)
      • Times
      • Specification of number of people, type of equipment used
      • Identification of participating vehicles
    • Definition of the type of road needed for the activity and justification of the motive:
      • Lane closure
      • Road closure
    • Location of the road activity or road traffic closure:
      • Code, kilometric point and margin of the road to occupy
      • Specification of the place and areas of the road to occupy (protection zones, lay-by, lane or road closure) specifying the width to occupy and that which will remain free
      • Provision of photographic documentation of the place, which clarifies and complements the points previously mentioned
    • Signalling plan for the road occupation or traffic closure. The signalling plan or plans must be presented, specifying the signal sizes in an adequate scale for the activity sought, in agreement with the basic regulations contained in the “Signalling Examples Handbook” of the Ministry of Development, with adaptation to the characteristics of the activity to carry out. In the case of partial or total road closure, the plan must contain informative signalling that makes reference to the duration of the road closure and alternative routes.
  4. Payment of the corresponding fees for the aperture of the dossier, which for these cases amount to 60,10€

Administrative and Technical Documentation to present

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