Material Entrance

The Chamber of Commerce of Gran Canaria requires a deposit on a percentage of the declared value of the goods, which can be paid in cash or through a bank guarantee.

An ATA carnet (for temporary imports/exports) issued is valid for a year and has to be stamped at the point of entry at the relevant customs post and on exit, otherwise the Chamber of Commerce will not refund the deposit paid. The carnet costs 166.50 Euros and includes 4 trips per year; if this number is exceeded an additional 9 Euros is charged. The carnet is delivered after two or three days, depending on the complexity of the carnet, once the relevant Chamber of Commerce has received the documentation from the firm.

The following documentation must be provided (it will be forwarded first by email and the originals can be provided when collecting the carnet):

  1. ATA carnet request sheets + list of goods (4 signed and stamped copies).
  2. Insurance cover application if this option is chosen (2 signed and stamped copies).

For an ATA carnet to be issued a guarantee must be provided to ensure payment of the import duties in the country/territory of temporary admission. The amount of the guarantee will depend of the destination country/territory and can range from 25% to 100%.

To provide a guarantee, one of the following options must be chosen:

Option 1: Bank guarantee or deposit in a current account of the relevant sum on the value of the goods. This sum/guarantee is refunded when the ATA carnet is returned to the issuing Chamber.

Option 2: Global Insurance (AXA Seguros). With this option, the National Suisse insurance company guarantees the import duties on your behalf. The cost is 0.75% of the value of the goods + Taxes 0.25% + local VAT. In any case, the minimum cost of the insurance is 30 Euros + taxes. **

Option 3: Deposit in cash corresponding to the percentage set by the country.

**If you choose the insurance option, the completed carnet request sheet should be sent immediately and the insurance cover application as soon as possible.

For further information please visit the website of the Chamber of Commerce.