The Gran Canaria Film Commission is a public office that offers free advice and information to firms and professional people in the audiovisual industry who want to film in Gran Canaria. To facilitate filming for cinema, TV and publicity, the Commission offers the following services:

  • Capturing national and international clients for filming

    The Gran Canaria Film Commission is present at the principal national and international events and festivals to promote the island as a Great Natural Film Set and present the wide range of opportunities that Gran Canaria makes available for national and international productions, whether for cinema, television or publicity.

  • Support in finding locations

    The Gran Canaria Film Commission can give prior advice on the areas for filming or photography most appropriate for your requirements. We can also put you in touch with firms and professional people who specialise in locations. In the section “Locations” you will find a list of images classified by categories that will facilitate the search for the best places and spaces for your next production. Gran Canaria, described as the “continent in miniature”, will surprise you with its wealth of landscape and natural features. Without the need to make lengthy journeys you will find a modern, cosmopolitan city, numerous picturesque villages and places with Spanish colonial reminiscences, coastal scenery, beaches, Green countryside, mountains and even different sorts of desert in just one island.

  • Agile professional assistance for filming

    The Gran Canaria Film Commission offers information and advice regarding the fiscal incentives applicable which, thanks to the Canary Islands Special Fiscal Status (REF), give very attractive tax benefits to cinema and TV productions, amounting in the case of the Canaries, to deductions of 50-45% on tax. Moreover, the Commission has available all the information on local production services and professionals, as well as suppliers of ancillary industries required by even the most demanding of productions.

    Likewise, it coordinates with the different departments of local bodies and regional government with the aim of speeding the processing of permits and bringing projects to fruition as quickly as possible. If you have to deal with any matters in regard to the Environment, Coasts, Culture, Public Works or other such areas, we can put you in touch with the relevant people and institutions.

  • Streamlining of the audiovisual production and service sectors.

    The Gran Canaria Film Commission will arrange contact for producers from abroad with local producers via its production guide, in which there is a list of the local companies specialising in offering production services at all stages and the hire of equipment to make it easier to carry out your next project in Gran Canaria.

  • Innovation and technological development

    Since 2016, the Gran Canaria Film Commission shares workplaces with the Digital Content Hub “Pasarela”. We intend to foster the creation of a space where synergies can develop between the audiovisual sector and specialists in the development of digital content in order to increase the value chain of services on offer to even the most demanding of cinema and television productions, as well as advancing the animation, postproduction and special effects areas.

  • Specific training

    The Gran Canaria Film Commission is currently promoting a specific integral training programme in collaboration with the Canary Islands’ Audiovisual Cluster, geared towards industry professionals who want to up-date their knowledge and/or specialise in new trends.