Animation tax incentives

Gran Canaria Film Commission – The island for animation

Unique tax incentives for animation


50%-45% Direct deduction for international productions

  • 50% deduction on the first million eligible expenses and 45% of the rest of eligible expenses in the Canary Islands.
  • Hiring a local service company
  • Minimum expenditure in the Canary Islands of 200.000 euros of eligible costs.

50%-45% Deduction for investment in Spanish productions or co-productions

  • 50% deduction on the first million and 45% for the rest of the production budget.
  • Minimum time of 20% -15% of production time.
  • Canary Islands Audiovisual Production Certificate

ZEC (Canary Islands Special Zone)

  • Corporation Tax of only 4%
  • Low taxation on indirect taxes (7% IGIC)
  • Compatibility with direct deduction and investment deduction

The new place of reference for animation.

  • Quality of life
  • Competitive life cost
  • European fee
  • Tailored training package
  • Benefits and aids for hiring young professionals
  • Soft landing
  • Excellent tax incentives for audiovisual production


Eligible Costs

Cultural Certificate