Gran Canaria promotes remote filming of commercials

Gran Canaria was recently the setting of the first laboratory in the Canary Islands for remote filming via live streaming, providing an added boost for this innovative technique which relies on new technologies to film in various locations on the Island without the need for the director or the photography director to be physically present.

Under this new mode of filming, the creative agency, the customer for the project, the director or the managers of different areas located overseas no longer need to be in Gran Canaria to carry out their work. This results in important cost savings, as well as increasing the workload for local technical and professional talent.

The Gran Canaria Film Commission backed the recording of a promotional spot filmed entirely on the Island during the lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis. It was directed by Eduardo Vieitez with Charlie Herranz as photography director, both of whom worked from London.

The first commercial to be filmed remotely in Spain with direction from London, it was live streamed globally for an audience of more than 700 companies and technicians all over the world.

The project was produced by Kiss & Ride (Madrid) and Macaronesia Films (Gran Canaria) with creative coordination by the Creast online platform (London). Local industry was also heavily involved, given that apart from the director and the photography director (who were in London) the rest of the professionals participating in the project were from the Island.

Gran Canaria companies involved in the production included Hormigas Negras, Magentic Films and Sonimac, along with other support companies such as MFC Lighting, Welab Canarias, FilmaMedia, Más que Moda, Canary Grip Services, Sonovisión, Chef Thomas, ANTS Films, Aerofilm and Hotel Marina Suites.

This direct participation by local companies has allowed the sector to gain experience in this new niche area, which will help to make the Island an even more attractive destination for new projects of this type.

The project was carried out using the latest technology, including two Alexa Mini professional cameras, a sub-aquatic camera, a drone, cranes, dollies, Astera LED tube lights and SkyPanel lights, and a long list of other top-quality materials typically sourced from local suppliers for recordings of this type.

With its vastly experienced professionals, cutting-edge technical resources, spectacular locations and other factors such as the world’s best climate and important tax breaks, Gran Canaria is spearheading innovative new projects in the industry and remote filming is no exception.